USB Greenhouse is the Greenest Computer Accessory Ever

usb greenhouse
There’s green computing and then there’s green thumb computing. This strange yet appealing USB powered miniature greenhouse is ideal for the desktop gardener who needs a computer to tell them how to care for a plant (like me! please help me, all my houseplants are turning brown and losing leaves, I may have to switch to- gasp- artificial plants- arrgh). Although wouldn’t this be a terrarium? I don’t know the difference, but I might as well put it out there to further display my advanced (lack of) knowledge of horticultural devices.

The USB connection does more than just power up the adjustable growth light- it also monitors the growth and well being of your plant. Marigold seeds and artificial soil are included in this £29.99 kit. If you can’t follow the plant management software and keep this flower alive, you’re probably a pansy. And that folks, is my best flower joke. Thank you folks, I’ll be here all week at the Comedy Greenhouse opening for Kathy Griffin.

gadgetshop via red ferret

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