Steam Powered iPod Kicks it Old School

Some people mod up their gadgets to look all steampunk on the outside while others make their gadgets actually be powered by steam! A steampunk craftsman has taken a Jensen #75 steam engine coupled to a Lego Technic Motor with a 5V regulator circuit soldered to a female USB connection with a diode and a .5 amp fuse for circuit protection. I don’t know what the heck any of that means either, but the point is that he’s now charging up his iPod with a steam engine and that’s pretty freakin’ cool.

steampunk workshop via bbg

3 thoughts on “Steam Powered iPod Kicks it Old School

  1. wooops! post corrected to say ipod. thanks to my polite and pleasant commenters for nicely pointing out the error.

    (btw …daniel- for future reference, you might want to check your comments for grammar and/or typos before you call someone a “dumb shit”.) have a nice day!

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