Midnight Rider: World’s Heaviest Limo Needs to be Pulled by Tractor Trailer

How pimped is your ride these days? You’re probably not really living large until you travel around in what is billed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the World’s Heaviest Limousine (we measure limos by weight now?) at a smidgen over 50,000 pounds. That’s the same as 10-12 superstretch limos. The Midnight Rider is so large it needs to be pulled by a tractor trailer.

It measures 70 feet long, 14 feet high by 8 feet wide. It can hold 40 passengers plus a crew of 5. Inside it’s cavernous luxury body is 3 separate lounges and a full sized bar.

Great for parties. The interior is modeled after a late 1800’s Pullman railroad car…except with TV’s and better booze. It took 7 years to build this bad boy.

I hope this one is from Halloween. Actually scratch that, I hope it’s not.

There’s a (not pictured) restroom twice the size of an airplane bathroom, plus it doesn’t make that weird wooshing sound when you flush. This limo has a 48 foot turning radius and needs a 435 horsepower tractor trailer to pull it’s 22 wheels down the road. Available for hire if you’re in Southern California!

(via Jalopnik)