Korean Dog House Looks Like a Rotisserie Oven, Heats Up Your Pooch

pet rotisserie
The Pet Pavilion from the upcoming Korea Trade Show bills itself as a luxury pet house. It looks like something Ron Popeil or George Foreman would use to rotisserie up some delicious BBQ chicken in just three easy steps. Set it and forget it. Well if you use this for your dog, don’t forget it.

The Pet Pavilion will pamper your pooch with a carbon filter for deodorizing, humidity control, high density oxygen supply, a nebulizer (wtf?), an air filter for removing dust, a solenoid valve for medical treatment (wtf again?), and my favorite- “far infrared radiation and a carbon heating element”. Yes you can slow cook your dog while you keep the humidity levels high for tenderness.

Be sure to check out the video after the jump of a little dog being coerced into stepping into this thing… note the dog toy that comes flying in from off camera and bops the little pooch in the head and the voiceover calling it a “7 star hotel” for your pet. Comedy gold:

via GearLog