Cone of Shame Speaker

cone of shame speaker
Poor doggie… he has to wear the cone of shame. At least he can play some good music to forget about his misery because the Good Dog Cone of Shame Speaker is a speaker (obviously, it has speaker right in the name). Linguistic semantics aside, this little pooch measures about 6 inches square and plugs into the headphone jack of your music playing device.

Talk about a woofer. It’s a doggone shame. Puppy love. Now you’re just throwing out dog related phrases that have nothing to do with anything. And writing as if you’re talking to yourself. So what, am I in the dog house now? You’re just barking up the wrong tree. Honestly at this point it’s Friday, I’m in weekend mode and have no idea what this post is even about anymore. Aaaand this is why we don’t post up our internal monologues on the blog. At least I made it this far without mentioning the Who Let the Dogs Out song. Whooops.