PoochIQ Tests How Smart (Dumb) Your Dog Really Is

pooch iqYou know how people are always claiming their dog is the smartest dog in the world? Do they say your pooch “wouldn’t know his face from his ass if you didn’t line up his food bowl in front of him”? Well now you can prove just how smart your dog is with PoochIQ.

Pooch IQ is a kit that comes with 15 simple exercises to entertain and challenge your pet. You put your dog through the exercises and then use the scoring key to determine an IQ number for your dog. The toys used in the challenges can be reused for years to come and you can use the kit on more than one dog (so you can really prove that your dog is smarter than your friend’s dog).

The Pooch IQ Kit tests for the following characteristics and abilities: Learning from experience, short-term memory, persistence, ability to see similarities, problem-solving skills, reasoning skills, instinctive intelligence, obedience intelligence. The test takes about an hour and if your furry friend does well enough, he might finally get a scholarship to Bovine U.

The kit includes:


  • 1 Pooch IQ Testing Booklet with 15 Exercises, Scoring Key, and Detailed IQ Explanations
  • 1 ExtraTuff Rubber Cone Toy
  • 1 5-Piece Plush Dog Puzzle
  • 1 Big & Furry Squeaky Bone
  • 1 Super-Bouncy Ball
  • 1 Hide-a-Treat Testing Toy
  • 1 Midnight Black Face Mask
  • 3 Colorful Plastic Pup-Cups

You can buy the Pooch IQ kit at Amazon:
Pooch IQ Kit

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