Eco-Nique Climate Positive iPod Cases have Zero Carbon Footprint

eco nique
Concerned that your iPod case is killing the environment? Worry no more with Eco-nique soft Napa leather cases. Eco-nique is the world’s first ‘Climate positive’ ‘Eco-friendly’ mp3 leather case with zero carbon footprint.

By being Climate Positive, do we not only offset all the carbon emissions generated by the product, but we go beyond the industry standard of climate neutral, by contributing an additional element towards greenhouse gas offset, our way of doing our bit! Consequently eco-nique have offset the carbon emissions generated in the business activities mentioned below…(carbon emissions generated in the Manufacturing process, Transportation from to our distribution hubs, Transport from the Hubs to your door, as well as all the carbon emissions generated by our admin function here in UK).

Eco-nique has a full range of supple Napa leather cases, from your Nano to your iPod Classic to the Touch and iPhone to other inferior brands of Mp3 players. They also make “climate neutral” cases if you’re not quite ready for the full climate commitment.

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