WiFi Umbrella is Not Shocking

wifi umbrella
The WiFi Umbrella from The Sharp Edge is a combination of a camera, display screen, internet device and umbrella. It can take pictures of you or your surroundings, transmit them via WiFi to Flickr and then display a slideshow of your images on the inside of the umbrella. And oh yeah, it also has a digital compass and GPS. Basically the WiFi umbrella is more advanced than my laptop.

Now, I’m personally not a huge fan of combining electrical devices into something that’s made to be out in the rain but you have to assume it’s safe. I’m also hesitant to spend any sort of money on umbrellas since my track history of losing/breaking/having it blow out of my hand into the hood of a taxi/forgetting umbrellas is expansive. But this umbrella gadget is just plain cool. They should combine this with the Nubrella to make the ultimate umbrella.

via ShinyShiny