E-Ink Display Watch from ThinkGeek

e ink watch
The E-Ink Watch from ThinkGeek IS the future of watches. The watch uses E-Ink electronic paper technology to display the date and time. I keep hearing about how E-Ink is going to revolutionize paper blah blah blah but now there’s actually an affordable and useful E-Ink product available to buy. E-Ink allows a wider viewing angle compared to LCD and allows you to change the look of the watch instantly.

Select from four different dial looks, two different color options, and change from digital time to date display for a total of 16 different display options. The typical expected battery life is two years. The E-Ink display is unique in appearance like ink on paper, and able to dynamically invert from black on white or white on black imaging. E-Ink also features low power consumption and a very wide viewing angle.

This sharp looking watch is water resistant to 50 meters and costs $249.99.

Product Page at ThinkGeek