Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

Charlie Brown may have had a bit of a rough road on his way to Christmas and maybe his tree wasn’t the biggest or couldn’t really hold up any ornaments but it was a real tree and it was endearing and he fought against the commercialism of the holiday (fight the power Charlie B, fight the power) and in the end everyone had a Merry Christmas after all. Oh sorry, spoiler alert. You too can have the best Christmas ever, or give the best Christmas present ever with this Charlie Brown Christmas Tree. It’s a real live Norfolk Island Pine tree in a little box.

This little houseplant measures 10-12 inches (including the pot) and comes with a single small red ornament to complete the Peanuts effect. It’s a live tree, so give it some water, keep it from freezing, and talk to it and you’ll have a little bit of the spirit of Christmas year round. And the best part is that you don’t have to smell Pigpen. Now let’s all go ice skating on a frozen pond and sing “Christmas Time is Here”.

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