Kickball Ice Cream Maker Really Kicks Ice

kickball ice cream maker
Make a sweet treat with just your feet with the Kickball Ice Cream Maker. It’s like a regular ice cream maker except it has a rubber coating that you can kick around to make the ice cream. Just fill up the food-safe sealed compartment with cream, sugar, vanilla, ice and rock salt, then start kicking the ball around. You can roll it too, if that’s your thing bowler.
kickball ice cream maker in use
After 20 minutes of playing, you’re ready for some ice cream. Good thing because that’s how long it takes to make a pint of ice cream with the Kickball Ice Cream maker. No more tired arms or need for “electricity” or other fancy things. Just your feet. You’ll have so much fun playing with the ball, that you’ll forget that you’re actually making ice cream…..errr no you won’t- nobody forgets about ice cream.