Darth Vader Mini-Blinds Turn Any Room to the Dark Side

You certainly don’t want to expose your room full of Star Wars memorabilia to any sort of daylight, lest the fabrics of your life sized Slave Leia costume fade or your Ewoks playing poker painting lose it’s life-like vibrancy. So you need something to block the light in your special room. Sure you could get lame Star Wars curtains like every other Luke, Leia, or Lando on the block or you could go with something more original like these handpainted Darth Vader mini-blinds.

Measuring in a scary 38″ wide by 5 feet long, these blinds will turn any room over to the Dark Side. It was for sale for $75 over at RebelScum, it’s unclear if they ever sold or if they can be yours to take home.