Golf Bag Alarm System

Golf. When you think of this sport, the first thing that probably comes to mind is criminals and thieves. Thieves in obnoxiously patterned plaid pants, smoking cigars. That’s why you need to protect your clubs at all times with the Golf Bag Alarm System.. This golf ball sized alarm lets you know if your golf bag is being tampered with or moved about.

The system has a key fob that you keep with you. When the golf ball sized transmitter detects movement, it lets out a loud alarm and sends a signal to the key fob which beeps and vibrates. If the ball and key fob are separated by more than 30 yards, the alarm will also sound (ideal if you bag is sitting still but someone tries to drive off with your golf cart). I can actually see this being pretty useful, as many bags look alike and someone could walk off with your accidentally. Or if you’re somewhat forgetful, you’ll never forget to take your clubs home with you after having a few rounds at the clubhouse after playing. It could also be useful in non-golfing situations too. $49.95 from Hammacher.

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