FIFA BBQ Grill PC Computer Casemod

Take a look at this intriguing PC case mod that was presented recently at a German Case Modding Championship. It’s a barbecue grill computer all decked out in FIFA10 branding. Inside the BBQ is a working PC with a Core 2 Duo CUP, Asus ATI 4870 graphic card with 1024 MB ram, Corsair TwinX 4GB Ram, 1000 MB hard drive, a DVD burner, mouse, keyboard and Windows Vista Home.

Fake grilled food not included. It’s missing one CRUCIAL element as far as I can see- a monitor. Well technically two crucial elements- the ability to actually use the grill to cook food would be HOT. Personally this casemod is a little too corporate and missing the homemade element that makes most other case mods so special but the form factor of the barbecue is pretty unique and Spring appropriate.

Fifa (German) Thanks to “The Schmittster”!

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