Red Ring of Death Coasters

The only thing worse than a red ring of death on your XBox is a round water stain on your coffee table. And if you’re drinking red wine or fruit punch, it would actually be a red ring of stain. Well you can prevent that with coasters. If your XBox 360 is already b0rked, you’re probably going to want to sit on the couch and drink some wine instead, so you might as well keep your coffee table intact. Unfortunately for those coveting these sweet coasters, they appear to be a one of a kind…err four of a kind…item and not available for sale. It’s a pretty simple design though and I bet you could easily replicate it on your own if you really wanted to. You’ve got plenty of time to work on it now since your XBox 360 got RROD’ed, right?

xbox freedom via gadget venue

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