Amazing Star Wars Themed Airbrushed ArtCar

$20,000 may seem like a lot to pay for a 2007 Chevy Cobalt (I guess?) until you realize that it’s actually a Star Wars ArtCar and is covered in amazing Star Wars airbrushing. Painted up the by the artists at Great Lakes Airbrush:

This Paint features a detailed Star Wars likeneses like the Darth Vader reaching his hand out as if he’s conjuring up the red realistic fire and the Dumbbell nebula. Next to him are the Imperial Walkers & Storm Trooper. Also featured are Photo reproductions of Nebulas and gallaxies Etc. Photographed by the Hubble telescope. The Hubble is featured on drivers side over the planet Saturn along with the Horsehead nebula and Helix nebula. Both doors feature spiral galaxies NGC 1300 & M81. Passanger (blue) side features the Eagle and Trifid nebulas along with the NGC 346 emission nebula & Pleiades star cluster NGC 1432 with Boomerang nebula in door jam. Front view features the SN1987a Supernova remnant with The Mice center and Orion nebula next to R2D2/C3PO. Next to that is Han Solo Frozen in carbonite with a stunning Toxic Green Yoda conjuring up the realistic blue fire and light saber. AWESOME!! The hood features X-Wing Fighter, Millenium Falcon, Imperial & Corellian Fighters and Death Star plus much more.

Wow! Never have I wanted a Chevy Cobalt so badly.
Star Wars ArtCar on eBay

More pics and details here:
Star Wars ArtCar on eBay

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