Bluetooth Speaker Beanie Hat with Headlamp

It’s kinda genius. Listen to music, take calls, and actually see what the heck you’re doing at the same time while not looking like a total dork wearing a headlamp in a non-camping situation? Winner. The Bluetooth Beanie Hat comes in 8 striking colors, ok some aren’t striking, maybe none of them are striking actually, but there’s 8 colors. It has both speakers and a microphone built in so you can actually have a full on conversation while you’re running, walking, or doing anything else. Or just listen to music. With volume controls right on the side of the hat. All while keep your head warm with a winter hat. Winter is coming as the kids say.

Now there’s other bluetooth beanies out there, but what sets this one apart is the LED headlamp. Sure, you look a little bit like a Minion, but not 100% like one unless you get the yellow one like the person above. And maybe that’s a good thing. The utility outweighs the style here. It’s not that bad in reality. The light is of course rechargeable, via USB. We recommend taking the hat off before charging, but you do you. No wrong way as long as you make it work people. The hat’s made of acrylic and is one size fits most. Not sure what constitutes “most”, 50% maybe? Anyone know? Anyone care? Makes a great gift, stocking stuffer, or fashion statement for dog walkers. Or all 3 at once. Hat.