Winnie the Pooh Cell Phone

Cell phones come in all sorts of shapes and sizes these days but this is certainly one of the more unusual ones I’ve seen- it’s a
Winnie the Pooh shaped phone. The cute bear opens up in a clamshell manner to reveal the buttons and screen.
Pooh is a dual sim card capable bear phone with a 2 inch display screen. Winnie can play MP3 and MP4’s, has 1.3MP camera for taking pictures of favorite honey spots, FM radio to listen out for any Tigger spottings, GPRS, double (tiny) speakers, and bluetooth so he can synch up with Christopher Robin’s computer (obviously Winnie the Pooh doesn’t own his own computer- obviously). I highly highly doubt that this is an official Disney licensed phone. Did you know…you can see the original stuffed teddy bear that inspired Pooh Bear? It’s on display in New York City’s public library (main branch on 42nd).

(via 2dayblog)