Cut Like a Ninja with Samurai Sword Scissors

Samurai Sword Scissors, try saying that three times fast. These are definitely some of the coolest looking scissors we’ve seen, because let’s face it- most scissors just look like scissors. But the Nihonto Hasami Japanese Sword Scissors are different, it looks like a katana sword. Except miniature. And slightly less deadly. But still dangerous, especially if you’re running with them. Is it weird that we’re not supposed to run with scissors but running with a sword is perfectly acceptable? What’s up with that?

These scissors come in three color choices- black, purple, or red. Just like real katana swords, they come with a sheath (scabbard if you want to get technical and I know you do). So I guess you actually can run with them, sorry Mom and every elementary school teacher ever. They’re made in Japan, no surprise, of cutlery grade stainless steel. Make it your weapon of choice for your next art project.