It’s Ok to Run with these Compact Pen Style Scissors

Scissors are great for cutting things but not so great for carrying around with you. And if I learned anything growing up it’s that you never run with scissors or you’ll break your mother’s back. Or something like that. Ages 3-11 are sort of a blur, a lot of crazy stuff happened, this little weird guy landed in my yard following a trail of Reeces Pieces and then I bicycled him off in my basket and that’s all I remember. Well with these Compact Pen Style Scissors from Japan, you certainly can run and you can put them in pocket. Heck you can run with them in your pocket. They are the size of a thick pen but uncap to reveal that they are working scissors.

These $8 scissors can be used either right handed or left handed. You still might want to keep the cap on if you plan on running with them or else the bunny rabbit will go around the tree and into the hole. Or you’ll shoot your eye out kid. Or pick one of these up and the rest of the day you’ll have good luck. I can’t remember, whatever the reason is, just don’t do it.