Game of Thrones Iron Throne Pop-Up Greeting Card

Pop up greeting cards are not just for kids! Like this one from the very adult series Game of Thrones (perhaps you’ve heard of it?), it’s a Pop-Up Iron Throne Greeting Card. Open up this 5″x7″ card and up pops that iconic throne from the HBO series. The cool thing about this highly detailed unique greeting card is that the recipient (if you don’t keep one for yourself!) can display it on their desk or a shelf or car dashboard or on their own throne, even if it’s a porcelain one.

Now the track record of weddings in Game of Thrones is a little, well, spotty but certainly very memorable. So that makes this card the ideal wedding card as long as you don’t plan on attacking the groom’s side of the family during the reception. Or even if you are planning a bloodbath, the least you can do is give the bride and groom a nice card. Ok maybe it’s better suited as birthday or Christmas card then. No matter, it’s cooler than giving yet another Peanuts card.