Pokemon Pokeball Waffle Maker

Make waffles great again with the Pokemon Waffle Maker. Now I’m sure you’re probably saying, “wait, waffles have and always will be great”. And you’d be correct. But now they’re even better. Better looking anyway. Better tasting- that’s up to you and your top secret waffle recipe. This Pok√© Ball Waffle Maker makes 7″ diameter waffles that look so good even Snorlax would wake up for. And if he doesn’t wake up, just throw one at him.

Trainers, plug in your Poke Waffle Maker, pour your tasty batter onto the BPA-free non-stick cooking surface, and in just five minutes you have an amazing waffle. Could you add some food coloring to make a great ball, ultra ball, or master ball waffle? Yes we can. The waffle iron has an indicator light to let you know when it’s up to temperature and you’re ready to make a culinary geek treat. Kid tested, Pikachu approved.