Mickey Mouse 90th Anniversary Chess Set

Did you know that it’s Mickey Mouse’s 90th anniversary this year? He looks pretty good for 90. The world’s most famous mouse and arguably the world’s most successful rodent owned amusement park operator is now featured in a collectible chess set just for the occasion. The Mickey The True Original Chess Set celebrates the magical mouse’s 90th with a special edition set. If you’re looking for the ideal chess set that you can glue the pieces to the board to get the perfect Splash Mountain photobomb, this might be it.

The set features all your favorite classic Disney characters as the chess pieces: Mickey Mouse (King), Minnie Mouse (Queen), Donald Duck & Daisy (Bishops), Pete and Goofy (Knights), Pluto and Figaro (Rooks), Chip and Dale (Pawns). It’s whimsical yet playable. A must have for hardcore Disney collector.