Pikachu Coin Stealing Bank

Pikachu has stolen your heart and now everyone’s favorite Pokemon will steal your coins. Don’t worry you’ll get them back in the end, if you’re nice to him. The Pikachu Coin Stealing Bank looks like a (somewhat) normal box when it’s closed. Just put the coin into the proper position atop the bank, and watch as the box opens and Pikachu’s face appears, he says “Pika Pika Pikachu” and he sticks his little Poke paw out and grabs the coin and drags it into the bank. The lid closes and everyone’s happy. Except for Snorlax, he’s still very hungry and very sleepy.

Now of course this would have been super ideal if it was spherical like a Pokeball but the laws of physics don’t really allow for a coin to easily be balanced on a rounded surface. Maybe it’s different in Pokemon World but we’re living here on Earth, so a box shape will have to suffice. This super cute novelty bank will make a great gift for the Pokemon fan in your life.