Put Whatever You Want in this Hanging Lamp

favorite things lamp
Looking for a hanging lamp but can’t find one that is a perfect fit for your own unique style? What if you could put one of your own treasured items inside the glass globe of a pendant lamp? You can with the Favorite Things Lamp (German). This lamp has an glass globe on the bottom with a hole cut out on the side. Just slip in whatever object you want and you’ve got a highly personalized lamp.
lamp that holds things
Action figures, mementos, collectables, objects of art, the possibilities are literally endless. Did somebody say ship in a bottle? I suppose you could do something similar with other lamps but that would require taking the glass globe off each time. If you like to change things up frequently, keep it freshy freshy as the kids say, this is a better idea. Plus the bottom is flat and there’s enough volume to hold your stuff. Like a pair of men’s underwear, this lamp has an easy access hole.
favorite things lamp empty
The lamp even looks pretty decent empty. The lamp can be yours if you can figure out the German website linked above.