USB Heated Cat Bed Keyboard

usb cat keyboard
Does your cat like to sit on your keyboard? No need to answer, it’s obviously a yes. And always while you’re trying to type out something important. Meow Mix devoted a Catstarter to solving this problem (it’s like Kickstarter but for cat related stuff and with a corporate sponsor). They came up with Hot Keys. It’s a “keyboard” that plugs into a USB port that your cat can sit on while you type on your real keyboard.
cat hot keys
But why would the cat want to sit on the Hot Keys keyboard instead of your actual keyboard? Because, as you might have guessed by the name (or the title of this post, genius), the keys are heated. The more you type on your keyboard, the toastier the cat bed gets. Here’s a quick video animation showing Hot Keys in action:

Now unfortunately Meow Mix is not bringing this to stores for everyone to purchase (somebody really should though). They did create 100 of them and shipped them off to selected loyal cat owners to enjoy. Totally pawesome.