16 Bit Controller Doormat

16 bit game controller doormat
This doormat really pushes all the right buttons (and no we’re not talking about the doorbell, although maybe we should be). Wipe those geek feet on a 16 Bit Controller Doormat. They say this doormat is “inspired” by one of their favorite classic consoles, so the Mario Bros. don’t come lawyering up at their doorstep. Well we’ll be the ones to say flat out that it looks just like a SNES controller doormat.
game controller doormat in use
Relieve those glory early 90’s days of Super Nintendo every time you wipe your feet. (SNES is almost 25 years old this year, can you believe that?) Doormat measures 13 3/4″ tall x 30″ across and is made of 100% polyester and 75% old schoolness.