This Furniture Has an Unexpected Feature

concrete furniture with plants
Take a look at these indoor/outdoor pieces of furniture. While they may look like normal chairs and a table made entirely out of molded concrete, each piece has a little something unexpected that’s pretty awesome. Do you see it? Here’s a hint: it’s green. I’m not just talking about the color green though, there’s literally greenery growing out of each one.
concrete furniture with plant pockets chair
Each one has a built-in pocket designed to hold living plants. The chair has a pocket atop each of it’s legs as does this fantastic looking Queen Anne style table below (which also has more spots along each of it’s sides):
table with plant pockets
No need for a separate planter, this coffee or end table below has a huge (relatively speaking) tree growing right out of the middle of the table.
opiary table with plant
The glass top lets you see the entirety of the plant. Other top styles are available too if you don’t want to see your roots. Thoughtfully they’ve covered the soil with some sort of mossy grass. Here’s a closer look:
table with plant top
This lounge chair is really cool too, it has an almost vintage aircraft inspired look to it.
concrete lounger
The pieces are made of hand polished concrete for a smooth finish. The material is durable and weather-proof so you can use them both indoors and out. This furniture line is made by Opiary, who is based out of New Jersey (yeah!). They also do custom work. (via)