Furniture Made from Old Jet Airplane Parts

If you heard that a company was taking old airplane parts and making them into furniture, you would probably assume that it’s the type of piece that would be appropriate in a pilot’s beach house or maybe a kid’s room and that’s it. In this case you’d be wrong. MotoArt is making some of the most gorgeous furniture I’ve ever seen and they doing it out of old airplane parts found in the old scrap heap. These are showstopper pieces that would fit into any home or office decor really nicely. The steel and glass look combines for an industrial chic style that looks to be both modern and vintage in the same breath.

MotoArt has a variety of different furniture pieces from desks to lamps, created from an even larger collection of different types of planes. That top picture is from the cowling of a Boeing 727 jet while the bottom is a glass topped conference table made from the inner flap of a C130. A great recycled use for old disused parts. Prices are by request only, but you can be sure that if you have to ask you probably can’t afford it.