Aroma Fork Adds Scents to Your Food

aroma fork
Imagine if you could not only taste your food but smell it too. Wait, I’m being told that this already happens? Well then what if you could taste your food but smell something from your fork that wasn’t your food at all? Well that can happen with the Aroma Fork. This odd contraption adds an absorbent scent pad to an ordinary fork.
aroma fork2
Like a bizarre parlor trick, the fork tricks your nose into smelling one thing even while you’re eating another. Maybe they can make everything taste like french fries or bacon please?! Apparently those aren’t options. But there are 24 different oils that you can drop onto the scent pad to enhance your food’s flavor.
aroma fork set
The flavors come in a few different categories:

3 “Beans” Aromas – Chocolate, Coffee, Vanilla
4 “Fruits” Aromas – Banana, Lychee, Passion Fruit, Strawberry
3 “Herbs” Aromas – Basil, Cilantro, Mint
4 “Spices” Aromas – Cinnamon, Ginger, Jalapeno, Wasabi
4 “Umami” Aromas – Butter, Olive Oil, Smoke and Truffle
3 Misc. Aromas – Bubble Gum, Black Forest Cake, Dill Pickle

Supposedly while you taste a complimentary food the scent from the Aroma Fork wafts up into your nose and hits the back of your throat at the same time, tricking your brain into tasting a combination of the two. A flavor innovation or just a fun trick for your less than sober friends?