Light Up Nail Stickers that are NFC Activated

light up nails
Turn your fingertips into an all out disco party with these Lumi Deco Nails from Japan-based Takara Tomy Arts. These nail shaped stickers make your nails look like you just had a fancy manicure. But they do more than that. They light up! Each set of 16 stickers comes with one that is equipped with a tiny LED light on it that’s NFC activated.
led deco nails
When your finger approaches an NFC (Near Field Communication) device, such as an Android phone (not on iPhone yet- or ever), the tiny LEDs illuminate in a dazzling show of light. I guess. The pictures don’t really show it all that well. Either way, it’s definitely more dazzling than just painting your nails. It doesn’t require any batteries or charge to work. Dazzling!