Michael Jackson Billie Jean LED Light-up Disco Shoes

If you’ve ever wanted to recreate Michael Jackson’s classic Billy Jean video where he dances on tiles that light up, well now you can. In the past, if you made a light-up tile floor you were limited to dancing where the floor was installed to get the cool effect. If you made your own pair of Billie Jean LED Light-Up Disco Shoes you could take the light up floor with you. It’s a traveling Michael Jackson party and you’re the star!

These shoes have LED floor tiles attached to the bottom an light up via a pressure switch every time you put your foot down. A pocket battery pack powers the illuminated footwear. There’s 9 LEDs per shoe, so it should be plenty bright for the club or your office. I’m not sure how comfortable it would be to actually dance in these (especially if you plan on pulling some vintage Michael Jackson style moves) but they will certainly attract attention on the dancefloor.

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