Electronics LED Lights Blocker or Dimming Stickers

These little stickers might just be the most useful thing we’ve ever posted here. The Light Dims LED Blockers either block or dim (your choice) those bright LED lights now found on every type of electronics under the sun. It comes in two different versions- black out and dim. Each sheet of 100 stickers has various sizes to go right over those annoying LED lights. The dim ones are perfect because you can still see the status lights but they are much dimmer while the blackout ones darken the light completely. Oh snap.. time for our solutions logo:

Get some sleep and stop using black electrical tape! These stickers are removable and won’t leave sticky residue to they are perfect for traveling too- cover up those bright alarm clocks but still keep them plugged in so you wake up. Kids rooms, blinking LEDs, too many LEDs, hotels, light sensitive people- the uses are endless (unfortunately). $4.99 per sheet of 100.