Open Casket Bar and Grill

open casket grill
Creepiest barbecue ever! This very odd barbecue and cooler was made at TechShop for the Nightmare Cruisers hearse club. Somehow that makes it ok for me. Anyway, this thing was built from a showroom floor sample casket purchased off Craigslist (yes you really can get anything there), a trailer from Craigslist, a scratch and dent grill purchased from eBay, and various reclaimed parts from a freezer and sink. There’s both a grill and an insulated drink cooler built in there. Here’s a video showing how to make your own:

The whole thing was modified to be towed via hearse. It was designed to look seamless- like a regular casket (on a trailer) and not a janky mod. Well done on that end. It even has speakers and plays music (perhaps some Grateful Dead?) and has a skull bottle opener. Party time! (instructables)

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