Top 10 Unusual Barbecue Accessories

With the holiday weekend coming up, everyone’s thinking about grilling (and chilling). We’ve got the top 10 most unusual barbecue items. Above is the Grilltendo, a Super Mario Barbecue Grill. You better be cooking up mushrooms on that!

The Gridus from Art Lebedev ups the nerd content of your barbecue with a grill shaped like an excel spreadsheet. Pivot table my hamburger please.

The Hot Pot Planter is both a planter and a charcoal grill. Stealthy!

Cthulhu Grilltop Weenie Roaster is scary. Scary cool that is. And it works great too. Functionally scary.

Cook up some food on the Dark Side with a Death Star Barbecue. It’s ok if you blow it up at the end. Uh oh- spoiler alert! Too late.

Step away from the grill and hang out with your guest for a bit with the iGrill Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer. It connects wirelessly to your iPhone.

So maybe you can’t actually cook any food on the FIFA BBQ Grill Casemod above, but you can definitely use the real working computer inside that grill to sent out the evite.

Hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill? That’s so last year. How about some smoked meatballs? Smoke your balls with a Grilltop Meatball Smoker.

Full sized barbecue in a suitcase? You can take it with you with a Pizzoni Portable Grill.

Spiral Hot Dog Cutter! More frank surface, more grill taste. Yum!

Have a great holiday weekend everyone!

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