Tokyoflash X Acetate Tells the Time in an X

kisai x
This fantastic new acetate variant of the Tokyoflash Kisai X Watch may look like a bunch of random lines in an X form but really it’s telling the time quite simply. Here’s the part where we try to explain it and fail but we’ll give it a shot: each quadrant of the X actually has one of the 4 digits of the time written out. Huh?
kisai x closeup
The display might be slightly cryptical but the video below might explain it better. Or the link to the product site itself above or below. We’ll just stick to the facts here: the watch has a glossy white acetate finish, the time and date, built-in alarm, a stainless steel case with a smoked mineral crystal lens. It also has an animation that makes the display spin every 10 minutes.

Really cool looking watch, as is par for the course from Tokyoflash. The battery is USB chargeable, so you never have to change it- there’s a spot to plug in a charging cable right on the side. Boom. Neat. X marks the spot.