Mint Automatic Wet/Dry Mop Floor Cleaner

Roomba’s are great and they practically invented the robotic floor cleaning segment of the market but if you have shedding pets, hardwood or tile floors you know that just vacuuming isn’t enough- you need a light mop sometimes. Like a Wet Swiffer. But who has time to be pushing around a Swiffer when we have robots to do it for us?! The Mint Automatic Hard Floor Cleaner isn’t a vacuum, it’s a robotic Swiffer and thus it’s whisper quiet.

It goes for 3 hours on one charge all around your home- under furniture, around chairs, in corners, everywhere. And because it’s not a vacuum, there’s nothing to get clogged up with hair or string (a major problem for long-haired breed dog owners like me- Belgian Shepherd). It comes with specially designed machine-washable cloths for both wet and dry mopping or you can use your favorite brand of disposable cloths.

It’s sold at both Amazon and Hammacher for the same price (although something to consider is that Hammacher offers a lifetime guarantee on all their products).

at Amazon
at Hammacher