Charge Up in the Woods with a PowerPot Thermoelectric Generator

Astute campers will quickly realize that there’s no power outlets in the woods. So how to charge up all those fun electronic devices that you absolutely need while roughing it (cell phones, cameras, kindles, etc)? With a PowerPot Thermoelectric Generator you use your camping stove to power up your devices. The PowerPot uses the heat from the stove that you would be using anyway to generate power thermoelectronically.

It’s like free bonus power. No need to lug around extra batteries or some bulky solar panels. Let your camp stove do all the work. The PowerPot can generate 5w maximum and charge your phone in 1-2 hours (same as a regular outlet) via a 3 foot fireproof cable. The hard anodized aluminum pot holds 46 ounces (remember, we’re making a meal here, not just charging your iPad) and weighs 12 ounces total. Great for hikers, backpackers, campers and festivals.