Plush Roadkill Toys

Roadkill, it’s not only what’s for dinner, it’s also entertainment. At least when you’re talking about Plush Roadkill Toys. Each one of these poor smushed animals has a bulging eye, tire tracks across their bodys and blood and guts that pour out of the animal. Don’t worry, you can zip up the guts back into the animal’s belly for your “before” shots. There are four different types of car-flattened stuffed animals to choose from:

That would be Grind the rabbit (above), Twitch the raccoon, Splodge the hedgehog and Smudge the squirrel. They each measure about a food long and are partly stuffed with beads for a dead-weight effect. Each pancaked animal is made from specially designed plush material that is meant to feel like “mangy” fur. And of course, you get each one delivered in it’s own teddy bear bodybag.

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