Plush Body Parts: Have You Hugged a Testicle Today?

i heart guts
We spotted these adorably gross plush body parts at the Toy Fair last week. I Heart Guts is a line of cuddly internal body parts ranging from the heart to pancreas to the lungs to the testicles to the uterus and beyond:
i heart guts3
Each part has an appropriate descriptor as part of it’s name- Loud Lungs, Immense Intestine, Spectacular Spleen, etc. They measure about 9″ each (obviously that varies quite a bit depending upon the body part’s shape). Here’s some more:
i heart guts2
There’s also a set of much smaller lapel pins and keychains featuring the same lovable organs (not pictured by available at the link below too). That’s a body part for everyone. Buy one of each and construct your own plush internal organ structure.

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