USB Misting Hairbrush

When you’re sitting at your computer, there’s nothing and I mean nothing you need more than a damp brush to smooth out your frizzy ‘fro. But what could possibly power such a handy contraption? Why USB power of course. Just fill up the reservoir, plug it in to your computer and start looking damn good if I don’t say so myself.

One USB charge gets you 30 minutes of fine misting action. If you need more than that, then you’re probably having a really bad hair day. Now who do we have to thank for this? Why it’s our old friend and purveyor of bizarre Japanese gadgets Thanko. Thank you Thanko. Thank you India. Thank you terror. Thank you disillusionment. Thank you frailty. Wooah sorry, was channeling Alanis there for a minute. That’s more ironic than rain on your wedding day. Now check out the action misting video.

You can actually buy this hairbrush for about $80 here (but why would you?) (via)