Fill Up with the Mobile Power Station

mobile power station
It’s important to keep a full tank so you can get where you need to go. That’s true in your car and your phone. A phone with no battery life is a useless phone, right? Well fill ‘er up with the Mobile Power Station, a backup charger that takes the “fill up” metaphor somewhat literally with a graphic on it showing a gas tank with an electrical plug for a nozzle.

This new gadget from our shop holds a 2000 mAh charge, which is enough or more than enough to charge up most phones from empty to a 100% charge (for comparison purposes, newer iPhones hold about 1500 mAh). Comes in three bright colors and with the necessary adapters to fit most phones. Throw one in your glove compartment, backpack, office desk, or purse and never run out of juice again.

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