Justin Bieber Duct Tape

Back in my day when an artist came out with a new tape it was something you could listen to and not do household repairs with. Cross promotional marketing has taken a bizarre and illogical twist with Duck Tape Justin Bieber Print, which features “four black and white images of the teen idol and incorporating hints of his favorite color — purple — the tape is sure to be a number one hit with “Beliebers” everywhere”. You hear that? It’s the sound of Bob Vila rolling his eyes right out of his socket.

Don’t get us wrong, we love duct tape! If it can’t be duct, you’re fuct. And Justin Bieber, we’ve heard of him. So for fixing stuff, we always “leave it to Bieber”. I’m using it to fix a hole in my house so I don’t catch a Bieber fever. Ooops too late. What’s next, an MC Hammer hammer? A Lady Gaga pacifier? (press release)