Cups That Can Dry While Stacked Up

Cups- have you heard of them? Ever tried to air dry a bunch of plastic cups, or need to dry them off after they come out of the dishwasher still wet (why does that happen anyway)? From what my butler, housekeepers and personal assistants tell me, cups don’t dry very well if they’re stacked up. Something about moisture being trapped. Well with Totem – Stackable Air Drying Cups your problem is solved. They have little nubs to keep the glasses separated while stacked so the air goes in and dries them off, see:

The brim of each cup is contoured too so the bottoms of the cups dry out too. Not to mention they look pretty cool, are BPA-free, hold 15 ounces, and come in a set of 4 for under $15.

One thought on “Cups That Can Dry While Stacked Up

  1. Cups with standoffs on the exterior or interior of the bases do just fine, too. You’ve just got to look for ’em–they can be had for cheap.

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