Smarthang Suction Cups Your Smartphone to Anything

Smarthang is a brand new iPhone accessory launched last week by a New Zealand based company. It allows you to quickly and easily mount your iPhone or other smartphone on any smooth surface. The device is essentially a pair of suction cups on a base. The suction cups screw into one of three positions on the base to let you position your phone however you see fit. A quick release tab frees the phone. Check out the demo video:

If your phone or desired sticking area isn’t smooth, you can purchase adhesive circles with smooth backs for a minimal cost. What’s neat about his is the small size and variety of positions you can mount the phone in which makes it both a mount and a stand. Unlike typical windshield mounts, this accessory can but put to many uses- you can put it one way on your windshield, another way on your desk, on your fridge, bathroom mirror, anywhere with a smooth surface. The Smarthang is available directly from Smarthang for $29.90 NZD which is about $21 US.