Layered Drink Mixer

The weekend is here (not that you need an excuse) and it’s time to get your mixed drink on. Mixing colorful and complicated cocktails would normally involve lots of pouring into measuring cups or jiggers and then pouring that into mixers then pouring that into glasses. Take out a few steps with the Layered Drink Mixer. This is a press and release funnel-shaped measured mixer. Fill it up to the measured lines, then press the button to drop it right into your drink. Includes an attachment and a jigger base stand:

The long attachment let’s you make layered drinks by shooting your alcohol to the bottom of the glass. My Mom always told me that layers are good! So true, Mom. The measurements go from 1/2 to 3 ounces. It’s all gravity powered (thank you Earth!) BPA free plastic (you’re welcome Earth) and measures 4.5″ tall without the attachment.