La Grande Castine Speakers Look Strangely Awesome

Normally when you see modern speakers trying to replicate the old-timey horn speakers, they look like..well they look like they’re new speakers trying to look old. Not so much with these La Grande Castine hornspeakers- they have a unique updated styling to the old acoustical classic. Sure they sort of look like a pair of loudspeakers that would be attached to the top of an announcers booth at a high school football field, but hey- they’re distinctive. The white paint gives them class.

These $100,000 speakers (someone want to send me a free pair to review? thx) measure nearly 4 feet tall and weigh about 285 pounds. Their large size and acoustic shape allow them to deliver sound in the 108dB range with a mere 3 watt amplifier. Power, grace, and beauty- just like FloJo.

via born rich

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