Most Colorful DSLR Camera Ever

Check out this insanely colorful DSLR camera spotted on the streets of Seattle. That’s a Canon 7D under the rainbow there. The camera is the artwork of Wonderpuss Octopus Ink (PJ Linden). As you can see from the closeup photo below, the camera is covered in a 3D paint to give it texture and color:

That’s some wild stuff. It looks like a bag of skittles. Very very expensive skittles. It almost looks fake; I bet you could leave this lying around your house and people would think it’s a toy. But clearly it’s fully functional, why else would someone be walking around the streets with it around their neck. Very cool.

petapixel via gizmodo

2 thoughts on “Most Colorful DSLR Camera Ever

  1. Where can I buy this? I like taking pictures and this looks amazing? Is this being sold?

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