3.14 Pi Car Odometer Readings

In the world of car geekery, there are some key odometer readings that would cause you to pull over and take a picture of your mileage. You’ve got 111,111, 222,222, etc. Then there’s the geekiest of geekiest; Pi (3.14159265). We salute those who appreciate such geek milestones, like Aaron Parecki above, who appears to have taken the photo while driving at highway speeds!

There’s Alan Parekh from Hacked Gadgets showing off his unnamed friend’s Pi mileage above.

Rozie‘s got a nice shot of her all digital odometer above. Cool colors.

If you notice the title of this post promises 3.14 odometers. Well the last one, above, isn’t exactly Pi, despite being labeled as such. So while we appreciate the effort of Rachel Moon, we’re going to have to call this a Pi odometer fail. However, in the spirit of giving, we’ll give you .1415 of a credit.

One thought on “3.14 Pi Car Odometer Readings

  1. the first one is a volvo 240. I have one. i also have like 50 pictures of my dash, with such mileage as 111,111 and 113311, etc…

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