Pocket Sized Radar Gun

It’s cool to use a radar gun to see how fast a baseball pitch is thrown, or the speed of a racecar, runner, tennis serve, or hockey shot. But most radar guns are so big and bulky that it’s really impractical to be carrying one around with you. The Shirtpocket Radar takes all the same fancy digital signal processing algorithms and target acquisition technologies as a full sized gun and shrinks it into a pocket size gadget you can easily take with you.

This 4.75″ H x 2.25″ W x .75″ D device weighs less than 5 ounces and runs on a pair of included AAA batteries (good for 10,000 readings). The radar gun is accurate to within 1 mph and can measure speeds ranging from 7 mph to 375 mph. It has a 20º beam width, and its range extends from 120′ for measuring a baseball to 1/2 mile for a top-fuel drag race. You can store up to 10 readings in memory and switch to kph if you’re feeling metric. Bring it to the game and scout out the other team without anyone suspecting you. The pocket radar sells for $199.95 at Hammacher.

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